Getting through Lockdown

When lockdown began, I don’t think anyone was really prepared for the difficulties it would entail. Before it started, time moved fast and everyone kept busy. Now we have all had to remain in the same place for over a month. Even though we can emphasise the importance of trying to stay positive at such a dark time, addressing the negative effects is also needed.

Dismissing how people deal with this situation negatively is unfair as we all have different circumstances to live through. Someone may have lost a loved one, someone may not have a desk to work at and someone may not have a computer. We also cannot forget the key workers who aren’t ‘working from home’ within the four walls of their home and instead are on the front line of this pandemic.

I believe each one of us has stumbled across an unexpected rollercoaster of emotions throughout this time and has caught you so off guard you don’t know how to bounce back. Before I do go on to talk about how we can slowly get into a home routine, I want to go over why working from home can be difficult right now.

If you have your desk in your room or you’re in a flat where there isn’t much space, then working in the same room you sleep in and relax in makes it quite hard to find the separation between work and leisure time.

Some people may have always wanted to possess a freelancing lifestyle where you can work when you want to or work from home, however this is of course different. At first, it might have felt quite useful on your workload as you don’t have to take into account travelling to work or not being distracted by events going on. It might have sounded like the perfect plan but I think we are all hitting that plateau where being inside sucks the motivation and enthusiasm for our work out of us.

How to slowly get back into it..

I know its easier said than done but I want share some things you can do and incorporate into your daily lockdown routine to hep you find that little bit of hope.


I say simple because some of us have a habit of writing a long list of things to accomplish in a day and then end up disappointed when they aren’t checked off. Since we know that motivation is at a low right now, you can write down two tasks in the morning to start with, and if you end up completing them, try to write another one or two to complete by the end of the day. That way we are sort of going along our checklist without looking at how much we have to do in the day, that we end up being overwhelmed.


Something as simple as doing your makeup and hair as you would to work can make such a difference to how you tackle your day. Chuck on some work clothes or something you feel motivated in when having to concentrate on your work, so that you get a feeling of being at work or in the library.


I don’t know about you, but every time I look at my clock the time increases by 2 hours, once I’ve woken up and done the bare minimum of work it feels like the end of the day already. Set a couple of alarms to complete certain tasks so that you don’t lose track of time.


There are a couple of apps you can use to help you stay focused when trying to work at home. I have currently been using flora which is a great app that you can also use with your friends. You set a timer for how long you want to say focused and it begins to grow a tree; if you go off the app and start to browse through Instagram for example your tree dies. It sounds silly but it does actually feel like you’ve accomplished a good amount of work afterwards.

My screen time has increased so much since lockdown and even though its bad for productivity its also bad for your eyes and mental health. On most phones nowadays you can reduce the time limit you get on certain apps and even stop access after a certain time.


Lastly and most importantly, stay in contact with friends and family! It’s easy for us to shut off the world but now is a time where we should reach out to friends and family. I think everyone right now is so grateful for technology and being able to play fun zoom quizzes with all your family members across the globe. Even if its something you don’t regularly do, once you start you won’t stop!

You can also FaceTime your friends and study together as if you’re at the library which I have been doing, and it really does work. When you’re studying with someone there you might find yourself being more productive than being alone with distractions such as your phone.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope that wherever you, your friends and family are all safe and well

Thank you for reading,

Elouiza x

Date Created: May 6, 2020

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