Discipline not motivation

Lacking discipline

We seem to always relate everything we do with the feeling of motivation. The motivation to get up in the morning, the motivation to get that essay done or the motivation to drag yourself to the gym. What I found out during my time being stuck in bed and ill for a couple of days was that it wasn’t motivation that I needed the most. It was discipline. After my fever passed and I was able to get out of bed and do a couple of things around the house, I kept telling myself ok how can I get back into the swing of things…How can I gain my motivation back. Deep down I knew if I sat down, turned on my computer and started preparing for an essay that I surely would be able to do it. However each day that I didn’t do that, I related it back to the lack of motivation. When in fact I could do it but I just didn’t want to. That’s because I lacked discipline. As a human being it is simply impossible to be 100% motivated everyday. Things will always get in the way and there will be times when we have to do things even when we don’t want to. We all have moments where we want to buy something expensive but we know we shouldn’t because our bank account is crying. You need that discipline to prevent yourself from spending. When talking about motivation, they always say you need to have perseverance and the only way of doing that is to do something everyday until it also becomes a habit. Everyday means the days when you also don't feel like doing anything at all and having that determination to reach your goal even when it's hard. That's where the discipline comes in because you need to remove the temptations of distractions, laziness or giving yourself an excuse to sit and watch Netflix instead. I think it's more important to focus on improving your self-discipline than to build up your motivation because we can feel motivated but not actually do anything with the motivation we have, and soon enough we go back to the dark place of feeling un-motivated. Self-discipline applies to almost everything we do from getting to the gym, doing our work, saving our money, sacrificing a night out to work on one of your priorities and even the discipline to not let negative things get in your way. That's why I believe you should acknowledge the kind of discipline you have over yourself before your motivation, because there's only so much that motivation can do. Of course motivation still has its purpose and shouldn't be disregarded. However with discipline we have more control over ourselves and we are less likely to indulge in behaviours that could be a disadvantage to our success. My next post will be about how we can improve our self-discipline but I hope this has helped you for now. Elouiza x
Date Created: April 25, 2019

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