5 Things I've learn't on my fitness journey

What Have I learned so far on my journey?

When you first start your journey in fitness, you'll read and see a lot of things that are not true, or are true but you don't want them to be. We all go through phases of crazy diets or seeing our body in a different light.  I was someone who read and watched many fitness videos that gave out all kinds of mixed information. At times I was excited to get into fitness, but there were also moments where I was like 'no way am I doing this anymore'. It's been a crazy journey of ups and down, and it still is, but I have a better understanding of things today that I never thought would be true from the beginning.  Here are a few things I have learned about fitness so far: 

1.Fitness can change your life

I mean it when I say that fitness can have a massive impact on your life.  You go into it thinking 'yeah I just want to lose a couple or gain a couple', and the next thing you know you got 300kg on your back with everyone yelling 'YOU CAN DO IT!' With fitness, it can take you anywhere and it might inspire you to excel in a career based on fitness and health.  I have heard many stories where simply deciding to work out 3x a week have helped people come out of a bad place in their life. When you think about it,  time where you need to de-stress, empty your thoughts for a while or to take out your anger you hit the gym and feel much better afterwards. Once you decide to do that and do it often , you're deciding to cope with the bad days by lifting some weights and alternatively trying to change around your life - even if its an hour of your day. We release endorphins when working out which reduces your perception of pain, hence why we feel enlightened after our workouts.  The one saying I stand by every time I try to drag myself to the gym is ' YOU WILL NEVER REGRET A WORKOUT ' which is true to me. Even if you have a bad workout or you weren't feeling it, you will never tell yourself I shouldn't have come. Instead you feel proud and motivated that you actually worked through the workout. 

2.Your mindset will change

When you are determined and committed your mindset about a lot of things will change.  Some people schedule in their fitness routine in many different ways. From deciding to wake up at 5 am to deciding to gym at 11pm at night time, everyone's clock is different. The fact that you did decide to fit it in no matter what, shows that your mindset has changed. No matter how tired you are, you will make sure you go to the gym.  When you realise how hard it can get at times to constantly be motivated to gym, you may approach other certain situations differently. For example, university, because you are so determined to succeed in fitness, this can have a knock-off effect on your work ethic. Even though it can be tough you find your inner motivation to get it done. 

3.You realise how different your body is to someone else's

This one seems a bit obvious but when you're younger and you get into fitness, you'll look up to someone that has the 'ideal body'.  You'll try to follow their meals and their exercise schedule. Until you reach the middle of your own fitness journey and begin to learn more about your body. The realisation that you can't be exactly like the other person becomes fixated in your brain, and instead you want to work to the best that you can be.  Remember that friend who could eat a shit load but never gain weight? Sometimes we might feel down when we see others progress quicker, or you can't eat this but they can. It's important to constantly remind yourself that you are completely different. There is always going to be another way around it for you, and all it take's is a little knowledge and research to find that.  We carry weight in different areas, fat, stretch marks, cellulite and everything else. It is all different and personal, even though our goals may be the same, the journey will be different to get there. 

4.There isn't just one type of training

We all had that first gym fear, going into the gym and just hitting the treadmill for a good 40 mins then leaving. For me, it started off from crazy diet, to cardio, to home workouts, to body exercises to weight training to powerlifting.  You realise that there is more than one way of doing an exercise, equipment for every muscle or basic and complex movements for everything. Some things you can do that someone else can't do.  The more you explore, the more of an interest you gain.  I believe you can never get bored of fitness if you try out new things every now and then. If you lose your motivation, search around for things to change up your training or grab a friend to work out with. 

5. You might want to quit before you even start

This is important!  As you embark on this journey, there will be times when you want to give up and take a break, from a week, to a month, to a couple of months. That's ok and it's important to tell you that because I think that's the beauty of the fitness journey. Even when you give up, you can always find that strength to come back and try again and again until you get it right. You might not see progress but fitness is like learning to write - you have to keep practising. You have to keep learning about your body until you know what's good for someone might not be good for you. You work on your form until you get it right. You have to drag your body out at 5am until your body adjusts to your alarm.  Always remember that fitness is a journey and not a destination.  Until next time, Elouiza x
Date Created: March 28, 2019

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