When you feel a little lost and you don't know what to do?

When you feel a little lost or your taking on too much?

Someone once told me feeling lost is the biggest blessing you can have. You have so much room for exploration and the opportunity to find something new that sparks your interest. We tend to feel lost when we hit milestones in our life and feel like we haven’t achieved everything we said we would at a certain point. When you’re young, you think you have your life sorted by 20, and then when you reach 20 you tell yourself give me 5 years and I’ll be sorted. Then you come to the realization that it doesn’t work like that. I feel we will forever be lost if we keep searching for happiness once we have achieved something. When that goal seems so far away, we think that when it comes we will finally have a peace of mind. When I have felt a little lost and question what do I want to do or where do I see myself after University, I decide to look at my life in a different perspective. By this I look at my life and what I have right now, and tell myself 'my life is full and I can’t wait for it to be fuller'. Huh Elouiza? When you list everything you own and the experiences you have had so far in your life, from a place to sleep to being able to visit a country, being afraid of the unknown becomes a little more comforting. We feel lost because we are scared of not having an organized life, where we know exactly where we will end up. We may take on a lot and try to juggle things, and when it gets a little overwhelming we question why we are doing it. My best advice for the times when you feel like giving up and life is testing you is to remember all of the things you have come across so far. From good to bad, you have made it through each day and the time has passed and you came out okay in the end. A saying I have come across from a fitness girl (Buffbunny) is ‘this too shall pass’ and it is probably the most motivating quote ever. Whether it’s a positive thing in your life or a negative, ride it out and it will pass. If it’s a great moment then try and be as present in that moment because that will pass and you don’t want negative thoughts to cloud over something that could have been great. I know that it’s not realistic to always be positive in tough situations, we are human and we still have our down days. Just remember that it will pass, you’ll come out the other end just fine. When you remember that, then you’ll find comfort and strength to get through it on your own. I hope that you decide not to lose faith in whatever you’re trying to pursue. Fill yourself with more knowledge and take each day as it comes. What’s life if you know what will happen tomorrow? Until next time, Elouiza x
Date Created: March 27, 2019

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