Don't be afraid of change

Don't be afraid of change!

We often become complacent in the position we are in. By that, I mean we often want a better lifestyle but get too comfortable doing what we already do, on a day-to-day basis. We tend to complain about the job we have or not visit the gym as often as we want, but on the other side of the complaint is a person sitting at home not doing much about it (me for a good year or few). I'm not saying everyone is like that but we all have this little something that we want to do but comes with a massive risk that we are afraid to take. Which brings me to this post today. Everyone around me seems to want to change their life around, maybe afraid of complications or doesn't think that it will be a good step to take. This was me until I realised something. If I have wanted to be all sorts of things as I grew up, what's stopping me now from a change in career path. Is it because we feel we are getting too old to change our careers, and that we need to settle down soon after university? is it because everyone around us seems to know what they want to do and I should act like life is all sorted? or is it because we are just scared of a change in scenery? (it's that one).

Let me talk to you about a CAREER CHANGE!

Be whatever the fuck you want to be! Stop thinking about the complications, because the only way to find out if it's for you, is to actually take that first step and test the waters out. Now before you actually decide to quit your 9-5 job and start running your own business - that is not what I'm advising you to do. Make a little PLAN that you know is realistic yet WITH risks, knowing full well you won't let whatever scares you get in the way of going forth with your plan! A big worry we all have when making a drastic change in our life is what other people might think or if your family might find you absurd for quitting this great job you have to start from scratch. Don't be afraid to bring out that real you, because you've been hiding this other person that wants to do this crazy ass job that no one would ever think you'd consider of doing. Once you overcome that little obstacle, you'll soon realise that maybe this was meant for you and that everything suddenly seems to fit into place.

From Music to Business?

Testing out new things is great during your educational years, so take advantage of the opportunities around you. Especially when you hit university, join the music society and art society if you love both. Try EVERYTHING. You'll know what you draw to the most by simply trying them out. For those of you who are about to enter university or college, and you don't know what to do. Whether you choose something that you've been doing your whole life, or completely changing your path. Here's a little something I'd like to share - I did music technology BTEC and got into a fairly decent university to do Business Management. Two completely different things. I stopped first year A level where I was studying Business, to do music because I genuinely loved the idea of being a musician or producer at the time. During those two years at college I no longer wanted to do that and was considering studying business again because I was drawn to what the course involved, rather than solely focusing on music. I constantly asked my course leader 'are you sure they'll let me in, I've done nothing to do with business for two years' but it is most definitely possible.

What's stopping you?

I know that we are not all in the position to drop everything and go ahead with a new lifestyle. So start off slow, and gradually do things each day that contribute to what you really want to do. Start changing some things around, saying yes to opportunities that you think will make you happy and no to those that you can't stand.  Don't settle for something you don't think will make you better or help you in the long run. I'm so grateful for each of the things I've done differently, and explored so many different pathways, because it has really helped to discover what I love and don't love.  What's the biggest change you'll see? You're HAPPIER! You won't be stressed about something that's irrelevant to you, and instead you know the stress is actually worth it because you love what you're doing in you life.  Until next time, Elouiza xx
Date Created: March 7, 2019

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