How I schedule in fitness as a Uni Student!

How I schedule in Fitness as a Uni Student!

After university the last thing on your mind is to go to the gym. There are so many benefits to keeping up to date with your fitness while studying. University as a whole can get in the way of a lot of things but if you plan and utilise your time well, it's definitely possible to set aside at least an hour a day to keeping fit.

Some benefits:

  • Help to clear your mind while studying for long periods of time
  • Going early can keep you alert for the working day
  • Keeps your stress at ease
  • Help your sleep quality
  • Good for muscles and bones, especially when sitting for long periods of time studying

Plan ahead

As someone who always double books or is last minute with everything, I have to constantly check my calendar. I always make sure to prioritise uni work which means revising, essay writing or catching up with the reading list or lectures missed. Schedule in the time you think you will do uni work because it helps to know how much time you need before planing on going to the gym. Plan your workouts too! (might do a post on how to plan your workouts?) It saves you time messing around at the gym rather than getting on with your workout. You can also decipher how much time you need to set aside for the gym like the travel and how long your workout takes etc. Don't try to squeeze it in just before class where you end up running late, because then your mind is all over the place before class.

Find the time

I believe if you really want to stick to a fitness routine, you can always set aside time for a workout. If it means you need to get up early in the morning then do it, go to bed early instead of stay up all night. At the beginning things might be tiring because you're trying to figure out what works best, but eventually you'll know what to do.   It's really up to you if you prefer to have a proper routine or to work around your planned week. If you prefer to wake up at 5am everyday to hit the gym then by means go ahead, do what suits you best. Due to how static my university schedule can be, sometimes I will form a routine and sometimes I'll have to make do with what I have. My usual routine is to gym around 9/10 o'clock at night time so I can get everything out of the way in the day, but if I have a 9am start in the morning then that creates a bit of a problem. So I will have to find time in the day or go at 5am in the morning. 


Prepare the night before or bring your stuff to uni. If you have to go during your uni break, bring some clothes or go to uni wearing your gym outfit with a massive jumper on top - saves the extra bags! We end up giving up on our fashion half way through anyways, and start dragging ourselves to lectures half in pyjamas half in actual day clothes.  There are so many ways to pack your pre and post meal/shakes and gym bags are pretty normal to carry around campus. I feel like some of us might feel as though people look at us if we're dressed going to the gym or what not, but its your own business. Just like trying not to worry about people looking at you working out, now is the time to not worry about people looking at your gym outfit. 

Find your reason why

Doesn't it feel like we belong in bed? After a long day at uni, you just want to sit at home and do fuck all. To refrain yourself from sitting around, thinking about your dream body but not really knowing where to start, you should set a goal. Think about what you want out of your gym membership - do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, work on stamina or just be active in general.  Once you have a goal set in mind just remind yourself each day why you're dragging yourself out of bed to go to the gym. You'll definitely have some off days where you literally don't feel like going. When these days come I usually get my stuff ready and just not think too much about it and head out the door. Once you're in the gym you'll realise your best workouts were the ones where you didn't feel like going! Sometimes I'll miss a day when my body feels too exhausted and there's nothing wrong with giving your body an extra day rest when you feel like it. Just make sure you don't do this everyday . . .  Hope you found some of these tips helpful. Elouiza xx
Date Created: February 19, 2019

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