My fitness journey so far!

My Fitness journey from 12 - 20 years old!

12 years
14 years
18 years
20 years
Grab a snack because this is going to be a long one! I'll try and keep it short! I want to talk about my fitness journey because it's important, for those of you who have just started or in the process, to remember how much patience you will need and how things can't change overnight. I mean this post is long because my journey was long so that should say it all. It's taken me 8 years to let go of watching the 'how to lose weight in 7 days' videos and understand each aspect of my body. I also want to tell you about all the crazy things I used to do when I was in secondary school because they were just crazy af, and I'm wondering if any of you did these things too?

Age 12... The beginning

It began when I entered secondary school and it wasn't even the influence of other people but the way I was feeling. I felt sluggish, at times I didn't feel confident with my body and I was always into sports but seemed to never shed off weight. To be brutally honestly, I ate like crazy. Remembering it now I used to eat a full meal as soon as I got home from school and then another dinner later in the evening. In between that I was snacking too!  I don't remember how, but suddenly I was constantly searching quick ways to lose fat, how to lose fat in x amount of days or diets to make you lose fat. We had a treadmill at home so I started to walk 20 mins everyday but no running because my stamina is non existent. I read that it takes 20 minutes for your body to start losing fat so thats why it was 20 mins, and then eventually I would maybe walk 40 mins and just watch a TV show in the background.  This was when I became obsessive! So I read if you wrap yourself up in cling film / saran wrap - yes the stuff you wrap your food up in - you'd sweat more which makes you lose fat more. So I did just that! Wasted a ton of cling film wrapping it around my belly and walked on the treadmill, which is in our conservatory, making summertime hot as fuck! However, I can honestly say it worked, to my knowledge I want to say it would work in a way that bodysuits would work which you wear when doing cardio to make you sweat more? I believe I lost 1 stone in about 1 month doing this every single day. BUT! I was also playing around with my diet, sometimes I would have smoothies for a WHOLE day. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner! That lead me to binge eating every so often, and I'd feel like it was okay to eat all these snacks because well I only had smoothies. Which is not good at all.

Age 14...

As you can see the difference, I successfully lost weight. I think I was about 1 stone and a half lighter at this point. Between 12 and 14, I gained a bit more knowledge in exercising, I found out about squats, did body exercises and would do about 100 crunches a day because well I was naive at that age! But I was happy and I felt more comfortable in my clothes. Despite all of that, I was still doing crazy things. I used to try and skip dinner and just drink water or a juice. I was still a little too obsessive, and wouldn't go to sleep until I did my exercise - even if it was 11pm I'd still force myself to do a circuit in my room. I'd put on youtube in my room, lie on my carpet and start doing leg raises for 5 minutes  From here I still wanted to lose weight, and still believed I was overweight. I stopped overeating, snacking 24/7 and was exercising almost everyday - but only for 30 mins each day and home exercises. At this time, blogilates was my girrrl! if you know about blogilates you know about them home exercises. 

Age 18

At 15 or 16 I joined the gym with my friends. We literally did every single cardio machine, running, rowing and cycling then always ended with abs. We did this until we got um caught sneaking in . . . lasted a good 5 months. Then I joined my local gym and shit got real! I gained knowledge on weight training from my brother, and began training all parts except chest. My focus was to lose arm fat and build a booty obviously! I researched a lot about types of plans, how to train, followed a few instagram fitness girls and really tried my best to maintain a diet. Yet again it fluctuated but I really loved going to the gym.  For my 18th birthday I went hardcore for 1 month! Hence why I look quite slim I must say. I really wanted to fit in my dress, so I would do interval training almost every session and ate very little but it wasn't good at all. After my 18th I realised I had no muscle and everything was just flat. From here I really looked into my nutrition and dived deep into fitness. I made my own plan, I made sure I went to the gym 5x a week and I just became strict and had a goal in mind. My goal was to have a small waist, small arms, big bum and abs of steel.

Fast forward to 20 years old...

A lot has CHANGED! My mindset about fitness changed by a mile. So just before my 20th, I was still dedicated to getting this dream body I wanted. I met my boyfriend, who has a looot of knowledge about bodybuilding, so I was very lucky to have him as a helping hand for. Funny story, he told me to do chest but I refused and refused. He told me to do a few things which I protested against because I did not want to look bulky. Eventually, I listened to him. Shit was getting realer and I was really dedicated to the gym.  Just before turning 20, I found myself aiming for higher weights and didn't really think much about being slim but having muscle instead. I loved having broad shoulders and big legs, and it was a surprise to me how differently I looked at fitness. After realising how much I enjoyed lifting heavy, he told me to look into powerlifting and I was considering it. Here I am today, training as a powerlifter. I was hesitant at first because of how different my body might look to what my original goal. Something just clicked into my head, I just really loved to go to the gym and lift heavier than my last session. A part of me still cares about aesthetic, which is still possible as a powerlifter, but I really enjoy focusing on the 3 lifts. I aim to just work on them in the safest way possible, maybe until I can get professional help. 

What I've realised

When people say it takes time, they really mean it. It takes a hell lot of time because what works for someone might not work for you. You'll also fall back a lot, way more thank you think. If you want to be serious about your fitness, a lot of research and stumbling across confusion and more research is to be done. Just make sure the information you retrieve is the right one. I think it's great that there is so much promotion about healthy living on social media but at the same time don't let it make you feel like you have to belong to a certain part of the fitness world. Explore and just see what you enjoy. One thing for sure is the less you think about the way you look and prioritise the way you actually feel, I believe you'll see better results physically and mentally.  If you stayed until the end thank you :) Elouiza xx 
Date Created: February 17, 2019


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