Self Care Day

Self Care Day

THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY EVERRR! Treat yourself and take care of yourself day! When life gets in the way, put on your trackies and turn off your phone. Aside from appreciating yourself, the best day is to sit back, relax and do something that feeds your happy soul! Whether it's going to the gym, having a pamper day with your friends or going for a drive take some time out of your working schedule to do one of these things!  These are a few things I like to do: 

Watch your favourite show/movie

Binge watch a TV Show or a movie that has 6 parts. Whatever you like! Binge watch a youtube channel anythinggg! Let me know in the comments some suggestions!

Grab your snacks and get comfy

Wrap yourself up, unless you're in a hot country . . . Grab your snacks (hands up who eats cereal out of a box sometimes) You can tell I like this blanket and robe. Maybe grab a few friends to share those snacks . . . or maybe not today. I'm not sad! I'm just interested in the TV.

If you love reading, READ

I've been really trying to grow my reading list, and gain more knowledge from books. Reading has always been bittersweet for me, but I just need to find the right books to read. If reading is what makes you relaxed and helps to escape from your work, then read to your hearts content.

Go and explore!

Even though I live in London, I never get sick of taking the train up to central and discovering new places to eat, shop and hang out in. Especially in the summer holidays, sitting in the park having a picnic or going for walk down the riverside! This one's the shortest because I'm too busy enjoying my self care day my bad . . . I hope you've enjoyed this SELF CARE WEEK SERIES and incorporate it into your everyday life. Elouiza xx
Date Created: February 14, 2019

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