Mind Positivity

Mind Positivity

Keeping a positive mind and trying not to get into our negative thoughts can be real tough. You can't sleep because you're thinking too much about your worries, or you find it hard to focus on your work because your mind is somewhere else. 

Sometimes you just need a break from everything and some time to cleanse your mind. Make more room for some positive thinking and you might find that things feel different in your life. I want to share a few ways that help me when I'm feeling frustrated, stressed out and just need a bit of a break when things can get a bit overwhelming.


So I lay down to meditate instead of sit up...sometimes I do end up falling asleep, but it will probably be the best nap ever. Choose whichever position is comfortable for you. I usually grab something from youtube that has relaxing sounds/meditation music or listen to guided meditation - my favourite so far is Deepak Chopra especially his guided sleep meditation, I sleep in 10 minutes when I listen to his youtube videos. Sometimes I'm not feeling a guided meditation and actually listen to Stephen Fry audiobooks, I'm sure we can all listen to his voice for hours. 

You also don't have to listen to anything if you prefer lying in silence, sometimes I do that too and focus on my breathing. Slowly breathe in for 5 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds, and count it in your head to stay focused.  

Lights and candles

The lighting of my salt lamp is too good to not share with you.

As you may have seen, I've been reading the book 'The little book of Hygge'. Danish people love to light candles because it's an important part of hygge. Hygge is a quality of cosiness and feeling of contentment, and many other great things to do with well-being. They also believe lighting is an important part of hygge (but we'll get into this when I finish the book).

I've always loved to light candles and set the mood with my salt lamp. I never did it often but now I aim to do it as much as I can just before I sleep every night. It really helps me to enter a relaxed state and get rid of some worries before I try to get some sleep. 

Technology detox

This one is a must! It's really important to detach yourself from technology every once in a while. We spend so much time online, finding something to make us laugh or make us happy instead of looking around us to find that there are things right in front of us that can do those jobs easily. 

Turn off your devices for a day, or an hour or two if you really can't, and do something not related to social media. Go for a walk, sit with your family and play a game, meet with your friends for some coffee with a no checking phones policy. I learned that a lot of my negative thoughts pointed towards technology related things like social media. When you turn it off and take a break, it's like a breathe of fresh air.

Remind yourself of the good things in your life

We find ourselves asking for more of this and that, or wanting to have someone else's life but we don't look at the great things we already possess. 

Take a moment to remind yourself of what you have and write a list of the things that you really love and appreciate having in your life. This makes you wonder what you're really asking for when you have all the great things already. I believe we sometimes ask for too much and end up feeling more disappointed than actually happy. Try to do this everyday or at least at the beginning of each week. Start the day/week making a list of the things you are grateful about and it'll set you in a positive mood for the rest of the day/week. You'll definitely notice a difference with this one!


I hope these tips help you ease off the stress and create a more positive environment in your life!


Elouiza xx

Date Created: February 13, 2019


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