Body Positivity

Body Positivity

Be a body lover not a loather. This week has made me realise how much our mind can be easily tricked into what we feel we should look like. It's not me saying you should not have a slim waist a big butt and nice arms, all of that is perfectly fine. But at the end of the day we still need to tell ourselves that there is no certain body shape for us. If during winter you want to pack on a bit of fluff to keep ya warm then do it! and if in the summer you want to shred down a little then do it too! Don't let what everyone else is doing, dictate what you should be doing too. Without even realising, i've found this series has made me emphasise the meaning of being comfortable in your own way.

Eat that donut and don't feel bad about it!

Loving the way you are starts with YOU. It doesn't have to start with what you see online to make you change your views, it starts with your inner voice telling you to go eat that damn donut and not feel bad about it! Honestly, you have to question yourself, am I really going hurt myself by treating myself every once in a while. Don't question if this will make you heavier, don't question if this will give you this or that. Just question if you're going to be happy after eating it, but do it in moderation too. I know we'd all be happy eating our favourite junk food everyday, so just keep it balanced, that's the key.  Let me also talk about MEAL PREP! I don't know if it's just me but I used to be teased for bringing a salad to school! like wtf. Don't feel bad about that either, when you're bringing in these healthy lunches while everyone's munching their plain sandwiches (I'm not a sandwich hater btw).  Growing up at family parties, people would be like OH you're coming for second round I thought you're dieting. Good joke, but now I go back for 4 rounds and tell them I'm dieting still. 

You know You best

I think at some point we have people telling us, unprofessionally, 'that's not good for you' or 'I don't think you should be eating those'. We own this body, we live and sleep with this body, and so we know what's best.  We are constantly learning about our body, more than anyone else. You know how certain foods makes you feel when you eat it for example, I literally can't finish a bottle of coke because one sip and I'm bloated as f*ck. Whereas someone else can go through two bottles like it's juice. So if someone says no just eat it, tell them confidently, 'actually I don't want to' and don't be afraid to do so! Be a badass b*tch. For those who feel they're unsure, I would advice to get professional help because online can be packed with false information nowadays. 

Be aware

As well as yourself, be aware of others too. I think this one is important to say even when the focus is on ourselves. Don't shame someone at the gym, don't laugh because they're at the gym but doesn't have a gym body. We all start somewhere, and gym aside, we don't know what someone's relationship with food is. We have no idea whatsoever, even if you try to guess, there's no point in trying. You have to remember that we all were in a situation where we didn't feel comfortable in our own body, and the best feeling is knowing you have made someone else feel 10x better than they were before!

wait, it's not just food

So I forgot food isn't the only great thing out there. Our body is our skin, our everything from boobs to bum to ankles? Love every part of your body because it makes up who you are. Don't say no one will like my (part) because it's (something thats probably untrue). There are different shapes and sizes for everything and anything on your body ... literally. Be proud of the differences you have with other people and show it off because it's unique!  This one's short but sweet. I know I'm not the only one who tries to bring some body positivity which is great. I think by now you've gathered that everything I try to say starts with you making the first move. You won't really get anywhere if you let someone else direct your thoughts.  Elouiza xx
Date Created: February 12, 2019

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