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Embrace your face

The power to embrace your face, gives you the power to reconsider the expectations of beauty"

It has become a norm to be surrounded by endless photoshopped pictures on our social media. To have the perfect eyebrows, lips, even eyelashes. Though I do believe that society's views on beauty are shifting, thankfully, I think it is still important to talk about them openly. Even when we feel we have fully accepted ourselves, sometimes we come across drawbacks and that's okay. I'm just here to carry on reminding you to push through.

I planned to write this specific about our skin, so more acne related, but now I'm just considering being FACE POSITIVE as a whole is that even a thing, love the face you have? I don't know but I'm sitting here thinking not everyone suffers from acne so not everyone can relate, but we can all relate to disliking a certain feature on our face. It would be easy to tell you to accept it and move on, but being as transparent as possible, it is the reality whether we like it or not and we don't know how long this perception of beauty will last. We can only hope, but for now I think it is possible to learn to love your face - that sounds funny but we'll just go with it. That way with whatever new trend will come we won't let it dictate our idea of beauty. 

I think the best way to go about it is to be a bit more personal for you to relate. At some point I hated more than one feature of my face but learning to accept my features took an immense amount of self trust, finding what works for me and being patient.

Self Trust: This one's hard to put into words. You have to trust that you'll change the way you see yourself in time. It doesn't work overnight, and each day you just have to tell yourself bit by bit 'this is the way I look and i'll love it'. Just like going to the gym because you have your own body goals, each day you go to the gym until it becomes a habit. I know a lot of us can't simply put down the brow palette (me) and there nothing wrong with loving to put on makeup. Maybe think of beauty products as enhancing your beauty, and not trying to look like someone completely new. You'll find you don't even use it everyday, especially when you don't really need it. I know I used to feel conscious about my eyebrows when picking out some bread from the shops lol as if someone was paying attention to them while I'm picking up bread.        

Finding what works best: By this I mean finding what works best for you and you only. Trying not to follow what everyone does, for example I just had to accept I couldn't draw 'those' eyebrows because it doesn't suit my face shape. Find out what literally makes you feel comfortable, and try not follow someone else's regime. I guess this one can be hard because we can easily be reeled into someone else's life, but you need to remember that what's good for someone else might not be good for you.   

Patience: Theis is the one thing I wish | told my younger self day in day out. When we're young, we all go through different stages of puberty, some faster than others, and you just wonder why you were taking forever to grow. I remember being 16 and thinking I was an adult by wanting to wear all kinds of makeup and wanting to look like someone who's 5 years older than me. We need to stop that asap and just be patient with yourself, because everyone has their own story to tell at the end of the day. Find that will power to look at yourself and just say I don't NEED to look better, I am just right. 

My little story

Age 15. The fact that I don't mind showing this is crazy. I really hated my cheeks, eyebrows, my face was inflamed a lot, I was always red (sometimes still am), and really hated the way my face was shaped straight on. I was trying so many different products on my face, I visited the doctor and had about 3 different topical creams. This picture was the only picture to show as I didn't take close up pictures or edited my photos a lot obviously. I had lots of bumps on my forehead and I still do but they've decreased. I could never find the right eyebrow shape, and well my eyelashes are just non existent haha. 

Now age 20, plastering a big close up of my face on here. I still feel that not many features have changed, but like I addressed before, a lot of features just matured and I grew up.

I learnt to stop stressing which had the biggest impact on the way I saw myself growing up. When you stress, you don't sleep, everything just ties into it, and you realise you don't really want to look in the mirror.

Do things that make you feel better and healthier. Healthier not relating to just diet, but going for a walk or finding the time to relax.


This was actually harder than I thought. It's hard not to write this without sounding as if it was easy when I know it's not and it takes time. But I hope this reaches out to you in a way.

Elouiza xx

Date Created: February 11, 2019

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