Self Care Week

Self Care Week

As valentines day is around the corner I think it would be the perfect time to remind yourself to simply LOVE YOURSELF. 

We're going to replace self care routine to a self care week because sometimes life can get in the way and one day just isn't enough. Maybe you can implement this self appreciation almost everyday without even realising and it'll soon become a habit to stop comparing yourself to others.

We get lost in the world of expectations and pressure to be a certain way, have certain looks or do certain things. Sometimes we want to live someone else's life and I feel like I hear a lot of 'I wish I was her/him' or 'I wish I could have her/his *feature*'. I want to remind you to turn that sometimes into a never because we are our own person, and we were given our own features to love.  

In the coming week I want to write about body positivity, skin positivity, having a positive mind and end with a day full of doing something that you love or makes you happy. 

[Keep an out eye out on this page for some self lovin']

Elouiza xx


Own the body you have and love it the way it came. 

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We can get caught up in our negative thoughts, so instead we should do things that create a more positive outlook on our life. 


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No one is ever blessed with 'perfect' skin because perfect skin doesn't exist. We all have our own journey that represent us. 


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Self care day

Don't be scared to take a day of rest, forget work for a moment and forget the stressful things. 



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Date Created: February 10, 2019

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