Have high standards and stop caring

When you see what someone has achieved in what you want to do, that can really radiate onto you. Where do you start living that life you want? You set your standards sky f*cking high my friend.

I've been really feeling this one lately and want to talk about it before you carry on living the next 11 months worrying too much. It's not to come off as discourteous but to simply try and help you look at your world in a different perspective.

Standards can literally be from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Think to yourself, do I want to stay in bed (we all do) or would you rather be one step closer to living that life you always dreamed of. It can take a lot of mind and motivation power, but you need to hold yourself to high standards because no one is going to feed you your success.

Have hunger

If you can be hungry for dominoes 7 days a week, then you can be hungry for success 7 days a week. Sit with that one for a while.

If you truly believe that you can make it, then you're already one step closer. A lot of people believe and act, then don't see progress, and give up. Big mistake. Stay motivated, accountable to your failures, but be prepared to bounce back from it.

There's a balance between working your butt off and having a break every now and then. Rewarding yourself with a break...from having a break, isn't exactly the kind of balance I'm talking about. Be willing to lose sleep some (not all) nights and be willing to put yourself in an uncomfortable position that you know might lead to success, an example - public speak.


You will come across people that demotivate you, distract you, resent you but you cannot let them influence you. Influence them to stop slacking off, and set standards high enough that they might start to change their life around too. If that doesn't work then maybe they're just not meant to be a part of your journey anymore - and that's ok.

Start being the person you were once looking up to. Opportunities won't just come to you from thin air, you need to make a name for yourself and place yourself in the field of success.

Stop caring too much

Not giving a f*ck does not mean being indifferent; it means being comfortable with being different

Mark Manson

We love to compare and we love to want to be someone else. Compare in a positive manner - take inspiration but add some of your own personality to it. Say ''she has this but I have something too'. We can't all be the same people, how boring would that be if we all did the exact same thing.

This is my favourite thing so far. Once you honestly stop caring, you begin to look at your life in a whole new perspective. You see yourself achieving more things than ever, out of the pure fact you stopped caring about trying to impress other people. Don't feel the need to validate the reason for something you choose to do.

As humans it's easy to be thrown off course through something that may have hurt our feelings. Remember that these goals you set are for your happiness not theirs. What have you got to lose when you stop doing it for the sake of impressing people.

But still...try to relax

You hit me with try to relax after telling me about high standards? On a serious note, there's a balance between hard work and being mentally stable to handle it. Like I said before, be accountable to failure, accept what's happened and do something to revive from it. Don't let the failure overcome the success and you'll really not let anything stop you.

Elouiza xx

Date Created: February 4, 2019

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