How to stay inspired

It starts off like this...

You see an idea, you want to do it, you write down a list of everything that involves this new hobby and you get started. A few weeks pass and you lose the motivation or you end up doubting yourself.

Starting off with anything new can always be exciting at first, but later on we tend to lose our inspiration. I wanted to write this at the beginning of my blog because I feel it's something we should acknowledge at the start of starting a new hobby. We will not be 100% inspired everyday, and when we feel like we've hit a wall we never know how to bounce back from it.

The creative block, they call it. That will definitely hit you at some point but there is always a solution. Here are a few ways you can stay inspired:


I'm sure it has kept you up at night with all of these ideas one after the other. One thing I noticed that helped me to actually sleep was to organise these ideas in a way that doesn't overwork yourself to the point where you hate the hobby.

Whether it be content creating or art, go through your list and categorise them e.g food, lifestyle, etc. Once that's done, you'll find you can see everything much clearer and from there plan how to tackle each idea. Sometimes we tend to start off on several ideas at the same time, bringing us back to square one, and then end up having 5 projects half done. Finish one project before you start the next.

Go outside

Get out of your room and go outside for some fresh air! You'll burn yourself out sitting in your room all day. We need to rejuvenate ourselves and sometimes the best inspiration comes to us when we are outside exploring.

Visit a place that you know will be full of inspiration. A gallery or a concert, there are always free events in and around where you live.

Social Media

This one might be a bit of an obvious but look for inspiration on social networks e.g Pinterest, youtube, Instagram. There is so much out there and it would be a shame to disregard it. I think people are scared of copying each other's content but if you really think about it you're being inspired and they're inspiring others, which is a more positive way to look at it.


Read about the depths of your hobby because I'm sure there is more than you think. Don't say you can't because you can, always , there are no excuses when you can easily search a book online, buy it and receive it the next day. We also have access to free online books and free articles, or visit your local library and borrow a book. However, if you don't like to read there are many audiobooks or podcasts out there, anything will help.

I could go on forever but we honestly have an unlimited amount of information that is enough to keep us inspired. We love to make excuses and can easily give up when we feel we're at a standstill. It's all about where we find it and how we choose to use that information.

I hope some of these ideas help you stay inspired in doing what you love.

Elouiza x

Date Created: February 1, 2019

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