Self Care Day

Self Care Day THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY EVERRR! Treat yourself and take care of yourself day! When life gets in the way, put on your trackies and turn off your phone. Aside from appreciating yourself, the best day is to sit back, relax and do something that feeds your happy soul! Whether it’s going to […]

Mind Positivity

Mind Positivity Keeping a positive mind and trying not to get into our negative thoughts can be real tough. You can’t sleep because you’re thinking too much about your worries, or you find it hard to focus on your work because your mind is somewhere else.  Sometimes you just need a break from everything and […]

Body Positivity

Body Positivity Be a body lover not a loather. This week has made me realise how much our mind can be easily tricked into what we feel we should look like. It’s not me saying you should not have a slim waist a big butt and nice arms, all of that is perfectly fine. But […]

Skin positivity

Embrace your face The power to embrace your face, gives you the power to reconsider the expectations of beauty” It has become a norm to be surrounded by endless photoshopped pictures on our social media. To have the perfect eyebrows, lips, even eyelashes. Though I do believe that society’s views on beauty are shifting, thankfully, […]

Self Care Week

Self Care Week As valentines day is around the corner I think it would be the perfect time to remind yourself to simply LOVE YOURSELF.  We’re going to replace self care routine to a self care week because sometimes life can get in the way and one day just isn’t enough. Maybe you can implement this self […]

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